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Google Display Marketing (GDN) / Google Banner ads can help you to grow your business.

Reach customers on the web and in apps across devices. AdWords display ads appear on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps, so your ad can show up wherever your audience is.

Through GDN / Google Banner ads you can reach people while they are browsing their favourite websites. Place your display ads in different targeted portals & get more impacts. You will be charged only if someone clicks your ads and if no one clicks your ads then you will not be charged. Google Display Network has over 2 million sites and reaches over 90% of people on the Internet.

How to target your ads?

Using Google Adwords, you can target your ads on Google Display Network sites:
Interest targeting
Location and language targeting
Device targeting
Audience targeting

What would be the cost?

We are flexible with costing and it will be based on the activity and effort involved to manage your Campaign.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy, Approach and Deliverables



Objectives & Goals

Determine contributions of Digital Marketing to organizational goals. Assess overall business goals to determine the objectives.


Audience Insights

Determine characteristics of target audience and assess current Digital Marketing activities of Organization.


Implementation Plan

Develop a roadmap & business case for embedding Digital Marketing including goals and metrics.




Realize Digital Marketing projects & execute the plan. Determine functional requirements of the project, develop interaction and graphics design, Identify and gather relevant contents, Test & execute the project.


Manage & Grow

Manage Digital Marketing initiative and develop a growth strategy. Monitor & measure activities, Analyse & learn from the success of the initiative. Coaching of client with successful use of Digital Marketing initiative.

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