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  • Project Name: Swarovski caption this photo contest.
  • Client: Fittpass


FITTPASS is evolving the way people get Fit in UAE; FITTPASS is an online platform that unlocks fitness facilities across UAE to its residents through 1 day, 5 days & 30 day passes as well as 3, 6 and 12 months memberships to any facility within FITTPASS network. They aim of giving people the ability to workout anywhere and anytime.
Fittpass partnered with Swarovski a major brand of Fitness Trackers and accessories, the main task of the campaign was to conduct interactive contest through social media platforms for engaging new customers and help greater brand penetration into the market in a most creative way, also share exciting gifts for contest winners every week.


The very creative social media strategy was formed with effective content calendar, display banners, social media posts, emailer designs and suggest potential #Hashtags.
Focusing on reaching targeted audience based on each location and connecting with the new and existing customer to ensure high participation engagement with the brand and generate more sales campaign.


We were able to achieve successful high customer participation and brand engagement through the campaign.

1. Total reach of the Campaign was more than 68,648 in UAE market.

2. Able to achieve improving the brand identity and also gain more new customers.

3. Social media potential followers were increased overall by 20%.

Media / Network / Platform:

Facebook, Instagram, Emailer

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