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Crisathena Paris

Crisathena Paris is a luxury women’s watch brand that has been in business all over the world. They also are well known for their luxury jewelry and lipsticks. However, has been in Qatar for only few months and is trying to establish their brand in the Qatar market.

It was founded by Dr. Christy Wo is an entrepreneur; celebrity model; fashion, watch and jewelry designer; columnist; and philanthropist. Dr. Wo has more than 20 years of experience in operating multiple industries, such as watches and jewelry, and health and beauty. As a trendsetter, she took the timepiece world by storm and earned her the title “Queen of Timepieces” by introducing some of the most innovative watch brands from Europe to Asia, namely TechnoMarine, Philip Stein, and Toywatch.

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Social Media paid campaigns



A complete detailed planning including contents was made well before the quarter starts to meet all the primary objectives. There were multiple paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that were run to ensure these requirements are met. Since the website is still under process due to technical limitations, we have been preparing to launch Google paid campaigns as well soon.


As a result of our consistent planning and client relationship management, we have been able to achieve good amount of impressions and reach from our Social Media Paid promotions.

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